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Move Plus Relocation Service provides two valuation coverage levels pursuant to the orders that govern our industry for local moving. Limited Liability Valuation Coverage (A), and replacement Valuation Coverage with a $250.00 deductible (B) are both explained in detail below. Please be sure to read and understand them in entirety so that you may be fully informed prior to your moving experience.

Important Note: Valuation coverage is not insurance. Valuation is a tariff level of carrier liability in the event of the loss of damage of your goods while under due course of transit by Move Plus Relocation Service. This type of coverage is unique to carriers alone and therefore it is important for the customer to understand what valuation does and does not cover.

The coverage (Option A & Option B) afforded thereunder does not apply to:

Loss of damage consisting of breakage to fragile items, such as china, glassware, etc., unless packed and unpacked by Move Plus, or unless caused directly by fire, theft, collision, or overturn of transport vehicle.Any article of extraordinary (unusual) nature or value, unless a special agreement has been stipulated to do so. Including but not limited to; jewelry, furs, stocks, bonds, cash, antiques, and art collections.Loss or damage resulting from wear and tear, moths or vermin, dampness of atmosphere or extremes of temperature.Internal electronic or mechanical items, whether packed or unpacked by Move Plus or the shipper.Hostile warlike actions, or acts arising from riots, civil commotion, strikes, or labor disturbances.Acts of God (earthquake, flood, tornado, etc.)Acts of omission of the shipper; such as neglecting to prepare for time of shipment or improperly packing the goods. 

OPTION A - LIMITED LIABILITYAs a license carrier in the State of California we are required to provide a limited liability coverage at no charge. Under this option the maximum liability of the carrier is limited to $.60 per pound per article, in the event of damage of loss.Example: If an item weighing 20 lbs. was lost or damaged, the carrier would be liable to the customer for $12.00 (20lbs. x $.60).
OPTION B - REPLACEMENT VALUE COVERAGE WITH A $250.00 DEDUCTIBLEReplacement value coverage will provide repair, replacement, or reimbursement in the event of damage or loss over $250. deductible. The shipper will assume responsibility for the first $250.00 of any claim, and Move Plus will assume responsibility for its' excess. If the damage occurs within our custody, we will pay the cost of repairs, or the replacement of a similar article. If the item cannot be repaired or replaced, Move Plus will reimburse for the actual cash value of the article.

The charge for this option requires a coverage value of a minimum of $20. per cubic foot of volume, which must be purchased. Your sales person will calculate this for you.Example: If the goods to be moved total 200 cubic ft., at the rate of $20. per cubic ft. the minimum amount to be covered is $4000. To purchase coverage for $4000 at the rate of $10 per $1000 of declared value, the charge would be $40 to the customer (4 x $10).

Please Note: Although the minimum is necessary to purchase additional coverage, it may not be all you need. It is the customers' responsibility to choose the proper amount of coverage. If the full coverage is not taken a penalty will be incurred based on the ratio between actual cash value and coverage purchased.Example: If $20,000 worth of goods were moved, yet only $10,000 of coverage was purchased, the payment for any damages would be adjusted downward by one-half (10,000 / 20,000).

All customers must select either OPTION A or OPTION B valuation coverage on the day of the move. Your choice will be written your handwriting on the Bill of Lading prior to loading. Remember you cannot change the valuation coverage you have selected once the loading process has begun.